it kiosks :: Stratus Practice Management Software Suite

Stratus Practice Management Software

iT Kiosks' Stratus practice management software has many beneficial features.  These are all available to our customers depending on the level of integration required with their other software packages.  We can offer full suite, or a modular approach, again depending on the level of integration with other applications and databases.

Software Features

  • Modular options, or full suite
  • Check-in application and logging
  • Manages; notes, diaries, accounts, and reports.
  • Receptionist visibility and control
  • UK developed and supported
  • Dedicated Help desk, with 4hr response
  • Becoming the best value proposition in the market
  • Remote access online appointments bookings

Remote Access

  • Full Cloud-based solution, or Hybrid Cloud/LAN Solution
  • Can be directly run from any browser device including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or netbook (ideal for mobile users)