it kiosks :: Stratus Check-in Software Suite

Stratus Check-In Software

The iT Kiosks Stratus, Check-in software suite, offers a simple icon driven self check-in facility.

The design of this software facilitates the quickest route to check in.  Far example, one of the questions is 'male or female?', if you answer female, and there's only 1 female's appointment on the diary, it will promptly ask you to confirm your details and check you in straight away, thus eliminating having to go through further questions like 'date of birth', 'postcode' etc.  This makes our software very user friendly, and extremely fast.

Stratus Check-In software can be used with our Stratus Practice Management Suite, or with your own application software and databases.



  • Icon driven for simplicity
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multiple language options
  • Check-in module interfaces to Stratus Practice management Suite, as well as a multitude of other databases
  • Self contained kiosk application, lightweight and secure
  • Very competitive package